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Tunnels & Caves #2 'Dwarven Stronghold'

The Black-Ronin RPG idea started out way back in the late 1980s' under the name "Caer Borealis (Castle Of The Northern Lights) as a pocket money earner for a young RPG gamer and his brother. Back then it was all about making ‘Plaster of Paris’ wargame scenery, and writing adventures for their own custom built game-world.

By 1992 the basis of a totally new game-system had come into play, and pretty soon after that this new system had become a regular feature of games-night. Jump forward a few more years and by 1999 The 'Red Raven RPG' game system had been born. In 2003 the decision was made to start running it as a full time job, but by 2005 events had gotten in the way of this happening; and "Red Raven RPG' was put into storage... Until now that is!

After a long conversation with an old and trusted friend the suggestion was made that some of the 'Old RPG Stuff' should be re-released, as it was still good.

So that is exactly what we have done!

Almost all of our old RPG products (Game Rules, Dungeon Floor-Tiles, Sci-Fi Floor-Tiles, Wargame Buildings, Wargame Scenery and more) are being given away 100% FREE; in the hope that people liking what we produce will then be happy to pay the couple of pounds we will be charging for the PDF downloads of our new product sets.

You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter, so get in touch and join the growing Black-Ronin Role-Playing games community.